Why We Support Health Freedom


Without our health, there is no freedom. And without health freedom we are bound to the status quo, conventional medicine with its invasive techniques, side effects and emphasis on treating a named disease rather than analyzing why the disease happened. This often means no good answers to chronic health issues.

There has been much politicizing of healthcare, from disability programs to Medicare, and now to the latest version of socialized medicine, there is little room in the media to discuss what is really at risk – our ability to freely choose what form of medicine we choose for ourselves and our families. When huge corporations and governments agencies collude, freedom is almost always at risk. In any industry, lobbyists have one goal – to get governments to pass legislation that is favorable to the profits of their industry or companies. Healthcare is no different than oil and gas, chemistry, agribusiness, or any other huge industry. It is in business to make profits and that is fine. Any good business should have a goal of making a profit. But not when those profits come because of mandates that require the citizens to use only one type or one brand or one particular product to the exclusion of all others. Sadly over the past 75 years or so, that is the machinery that has been set into place. And its culmination means reduced choices for everyone, and in the case of healthcare, eventually the goal is to edge out alternative medicine in its many forms.

How all of this happened is the subject of many books and papers and internet blogs, far beyond the depth intended in this article. However, you don’t need to dig very deeply to follow the money, and to see how alternative medicine is becoming a threat to conventional medicine. And when the pie is starting to be divided up, even though alternative medicine takes in only a tiny fraction of healthcare dollars in the US, even that fraction is seen as a threat to be destroyed.

The Health Freedom Expo is a place to learn about many alternative and complementary healthcare options. Speakers present dynamic information that can help you make good health decisions for your family – towards more natural solutions to remain healthy, to vaccine science (REAL science, not that which has been vetted through those with the largest financial interests), to products and services that will help your family achieve better health through nutritional awareness, natural healthcare, and education on how we can retain the remaining health freedoms we still have.

You will also find answers there to your most pressing health questions.

If you or your family members wish to stay healthy, eat healthy, use something other than drugs for your own health care needs, or maybe you already have health problems. Either way, we encourage you to attend health freedom related events. Become active in educating your elected representatives. And if you have health problems take the time to read through our website’s Knowledge Center for information RIGHT NOW that will help you make great decisions for health.

We can help your system restore health with all the healing abilities inherent in the human design. We can help you make decisions that can keep you and your family healthy! Contact our office!

Lindyl Lanham and Cindy Griffin, Homeopathy Center of Houston founders, were on hand at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach California. Cindy spoke on the hope and reality of improving the health, even full recoveries, of those with autism, accomplished through the Houston Homeopathy Method.

Houston Homeopathy Center was privileged to share how we’ve helped so many clients who were doomed to chronic pain and illness, autism, or “symptom management” rather than good health!

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