A few years ago, no one knew what fibromyalgia was, but today it has become a very commonplace diagnosis and a very difficult one to live with.  Many go to their doctors with aches and pains, and in the past were told “it’s all in your head,” but today are frequently sent away with pain meds which have a myriad of side effects compounding the problems.  No one ever seems to search for a causation and a means of getting the heart (or in this case liver) of the problem.

An interesting phenomenon was reported by one of my mentors, Thomas Rau, MD, of Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland.  He cited that nearly 75% of those who he saw for fibromyalgia over the age of 40 had been on a statin medication prior to the onset of their pain.  The other 25% did not necessarily take statins, but had taken other medications known to adversely affect the liver.  He found that by doing a multi-disciplinary approach focused upon cleansing the liver, almost all of those patients recovered from the discomfort and diagnosis.

In our practice we have seen a similar pattern.  As sequential homeopaths, the words “never well since” carry great weight to guide us to a focal point of causation or contributing factors in our client’s complaints or timeline of traumas. There are other good detoxification programs, but if they focus only on one or two organs, or simply release the toxins from the cells, without supporting elimination, they can actually make matters worse.  Those toxins may continue to circulate and create new problems.

Our approach at Homeopathy Center of Houston  methodically supports excretion first, and then begins to clean and support the “filters” (kidneys, liver, lymphatics).  The next step is to work back through a client’s chronological history, using specific detoxification remedies based on a person’s history.  In this way the body expels pathogens, as well as any toxins or residue from previous drugs that may contribute to dysfunctional elimination systems as well as pain and suffering.  As a result, our clients regain energy, experience pain relief, and often even experience improvement from old injuries that have plagued them.  As the fibromyalgia pain gradually improves, so does sleep and energy.

Every case of fibromyalgia is different, but the body knows how to heal when it gets the tools and support it needs and homeopathy is a very large tool box.

Your history is held in your cells.  Over time toxins can add up to illness, and/or pain.  Let the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) help you turn back the hands of time on illness and pain.  Our exclusive approach detoxifies and supports healing safely and systematically and without drugs.  Our clients recover, and feel better. It’s your turn to feel great!


Autism-Focused Homeopathy

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