Affordable Homeopathy Relief & Support Programs

Our Relief & Support packages offer professional homeopathic products for several common health issues. These include some of our exclusive homeopathic formulas developed thru our experience, as well as professional products available only through practitioners, and some professional strength, very pure probiotics. Thoughtfully chosen packages are affordable ways to try complex homeopathy, affordably.  Each professionally vetted product package can be a stand-alone program, or a great way to dip your toe into  homeopathy before committing to our fully individualized Sequential Homeopathic approach. You become one of our clients, with access to proprietary, and practitioner-quality products that are packaged based on our professionals’ combined nearly 80 years of experience. And with each Relief & Support Program initial order, you will have a 10 minute free consultation* with one of our homeopaths to get you started off with full confidence.

* Autism Relief & Support program includes a 10 minute initial consult with the first order, plus a 10 minute check-in consultation with each subsequent order.  Free consultation does not apply to separately purchased Probiotic Duo, which includes 2 products and a suggested serving sheet only. No consult with Cold & Flu Prep kit, but comes with our Professional Tips & Tricks “Cheat sheet.”

We are proud to offer the following "Relief & Support" programs of practitioner-only products bundled with our expertise at affordable costs. You become a client with access to our professionals only when you need us! Control healthcare costs by getting truly healthy through homeopathy!

Airborne Allergy Relief

Are allergies making your life miserable? This package helps with gentle detoxification to reduce toxins that can increase allergy tendencies, desensitization remedies for many airborne allergens, and symptom relief for sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion. And all this without dry mouth, drowsiness as side effects!  Click below for more details. 4 homeopathic professional complexes, a 10 min. consultation ($90 value!), S/H included for $170.00.

Autism Colorful Puzzle with Question Mark

Autism Relief & Support

As autism’s premier homeopathic practice we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with autism. This gentle program provides:

  • Gentle detoxification
  • Digestive & Gut relief
  • Immune system support
  • Gut inflammation help
  • Fungal dysbiosis reduction
  • Cellular metabolism support
  • Emotional Support
  • 2 Autism-approved Professional strength probiotics
  • 10 min. consultation with every 2 month package order ($90 value each!)
  • S/H included for $450
Digestive distress & Inflammation

Digestion Relief & Support

Do you suffer with “leaky gut”?Are you tired of dealing with digestive discomfort and bloating? Discover a new path to digestive wellness. Six oral liquid pro complexes help detoxify and rebalance the organs behind reflux, reduce gas and bloating, relieve intestinal discomfort, stomach pain and aid digestion.  Plus we include 2 professional strength probiotics to rebalance your gut flora- which all contributes to a better metabolism and well-being! Includes a 10 minute consultation ($90 value) and S/H for $345.  

Chronic Sinus Relief

Tired of struggling with sinus congestion, discharges, and headaches? Our exclusive Chronic Sinus Relief program is coming soon! Join our email list to be among the first to know when it becomes available in mid- to late-October, 2023.

Complete Cold, Cough and Flu Prep Package

Cold and flu season are upon us. Prepare yourself or your family ahead of time with this package of our favorite professional products for immune support and relief of fever, body aches, stuffy, runny nose, sneezing. And we include 2 professional homeopathic cough formulas.  Breeze through cold and flu season without side effects with our tried-and-true professionals-only product picks! Plus a copy of our cold and flu tricks and tips, and S/H all for $195. 

Detox and Immune Support

Seeking an easy, gentle way to detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system? These 5 pro homeopathic formulas support your body’s natural detoxification processes, the endocrine balance and 1 mo. supply each of 2 professional strength probiotics improve gut health and immunity, including S/H. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you. Experience the benefits of homeopathy and discover a new path to wellness. First pkg. includes bonus 10 min. consult ($90 value). Total cost: $330.

Urinary Relief and Support

Tired of dealing with urinary discomfort, urging or frequency?  This 4 product urinary tract support program helps tone your urinary tract, relieves symptoms and improves urinary health.  Add our optional Probiotic Duo,  for additional help with yeast related urinary problems, and improve your overall health.  A stellar product is provided for use as needed for occasional, minor urinary pain relief. Stop dreading nature’s call – try our Urinary Relief & Support program! You will be glad you did. S/H included, plus first pkg. has a bonus 10 min. consult ($90 value!) for $198.

Professional HCH Probiotic Duo

Our Professional strength Probiotic Duo is included in our Autism, Digestive and Detox/Immune Relief & Support programs.  It is a suggested add-on option to our Sinus, Urinary and Allergy programs because the condition of the intestinal microbiome is critical to inflammation, food and hay fever type allergies and immune function. Order extras to save on S/H, or order alone any time.  Free shipping if purchased with one of our programs for $78. S/H extra if purchased separately. 

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